26 June 2017 - Summer Top 10 2017

Welcome to the Blog Under the Stairs!!

It's that time of year again folks!! When the sun is out at it's brightest, clothing is at a minimum and every pale skinned horror fan hides indoors counting down the weeks until the leaf colour turns brown and the carved pumpkins adorns the streets!! 

That's Right...IT'S SUMMER!!!

I hate the heat and hate summer so much that I usually set myself some horribly long recording schedule under the guise of the annual TPUTS Top 10 Series...but maybe this year I've bitten off more than I can chew?

2017's Top 10 Series is soo broad in scope and will be prone to volatile outbursts from guest hosts and horror fans alike. With so much controversy at stake there is literally no way I could pass up this fiendishly wicked idea!!

With the decade known as 1970's, horror fans were truly blessed with some of the greatest examples the genre has ever offered up. Unlike any other show which would create a top 10 list of movies being not truly representative of each year in the decade, TPUTS is making sure that every year will have a chance, however only two movies will go forward from each year to the eventual Top 10 list.

My lizard brain calls this the Noah's Ark rule where the movies leave each year two by two!!

I have selected 5 podcasters and given them two years each from the decade!! They will join me on each episode and bring their 5 favourite horror movies from that year to compete with my favourite 5 (if my guest chooses the same movie as me then I will choose another to ensure 10 movies will be discussed on each episode), whereupon we will converse, debate and throw down until only two movies leave each episode.

At the end we will have a list of 20 movies which which will be scored by all 5 guest hosts and myself and tallied up to give the ultimate TPUTS Noah's Ark Rules Top 10 70's Horror movies tp be discussed on a massive Roundtable 1970's Horror Podcast.

But it doesn't stop there...oh no!! 

Each listener will also get to score the final top 20 list and we will create the ultimate TPUTS Listeners Noah's Ark Rules Top 10 70's Horror movies!!

But it still doesn't end there...oh no...oh no...oh no!! 

I will compile the scores from both the hosts and listener lists to create the Definitive TPUTS Noah's Ark Rules Top 10 70's Horror movies!!

It's going to be rough, it's going to be hard but above all...it's going to be WAR!!

Shows begin late July to a TPUTS feed near you!!

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This entry of the Blog Under the Stairs was written while listening to FM-84 and their amazing Synthwave track Mainframe.

Until the next post, wherever you are, whatever the timezone is and whatever you're up to, please take care of yourselves....This is Duncan McLeish typing from Under the Stairs...Signing Off.

Duncan McLeish