11 July 2017 - The Power of Updates Compels you

Welcome to the Blog Under the Stairs!!

Well hello dear listeners/readers!! 

It's all systems go at the moment over at TPUTS HQ with the planning of our Summer Top 10 series of shows now beyond the planning phase and into movie viewing and scheduling the recordings!! The first episode is less than 2 weeks out and for 11 episodes we will be doing what they call the impossible, in a recording idea and schedule that might finally turn me into Sam Neill at the start of In the Mouths of Madness!!

All Work And No Play..yadda yadda yadda Sutter Cane and such like!!

All Work And No Play..yadda yadda yadda Sutter Cane and such like!!

If all that wasn't enough...we have more Baz v Horror to plan as well!! 

The very first Baz v The Masters of Horror isn't a million miles away either as The Baz certainly has a date with a double bill of macabre Miike madness in his diary!!

I'm not sure what will happen ladies and gents, sufficed to say that I think I speak for the entire class when I say that Baz v Audition will be an experience we might never hear again!!

In the meantime, I had the fantastic opportunity to guest over at The Little Pod of Horrors last week and verbally gushed for 2 hours on my favourite horror movie of 2016...The Neon Demon!! 

It's a movie that sparked a lot of debate on the TPUTS facebook page but I have remained mostly silent about...until now!! When that episode comes out you will hear the mental anguish and joy that has broken and fixed my brain since my first viewing back in October 2016 and the synapse threads that are still tangling themselves round the cold case mind-map board of my psyche.

A huge thanks to Boz for having me on the show and keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page and other social media's for details when that show drops!!

We have some cool news on the horizon with regards to a potential live appearance of both myself and The Baz at an upcoming event which we are still confirming details on...however when I know something you can bet your sweet ass that you will to!! It's a fun concept and if the stars align then we will be there!!

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This entry of the Blog Under the Stairs was written while listening to Reuben and their quirky single track Freddy Kreuger.

Until the next post, wherever you are, whatever the timezone is and whatever you're up to, please take care of yourselves....This is Duncan McLeish typing from Under the Stairs...Signing Off.