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EP 147 - Russian Roulette Retrospective - Psycho Franchise Parts 3,4 & Remake

Welcome to episode 147 of The Podcast Under the Stairs.


Join your host Duncan Under The Stairs discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.

The Podcast Under the Stairs brings you another listener choice Russian Roulette Franchise Retrospective. With 4 franchises to choose from, your votes overwhelmingly were cast for a Psycho franchise retrospective. Well that's what you voted for and I'll be damned to hell if I am suffering alone!!

With that in mind my brain decided to cluster grenade the pain and suffering with other guest hosts!! All 5 of them were entered into a random selection to see who will guest and review a Final Destination movie on TPUTS!! 

Welcome to the fourth ever Russian Roulette Retrospective and over two episodes we will face off against guest hosts with a little stay over at the Bates Motel where Norman & Mother hope you enjoy your visit in room 1.  This episode features reviews of Psycho 3 (1986), Psycho 4 (1990) & Psycho The Remake (1998).

Intro – 0 - 3mins 40secs

Psycho 3 (Feat. The Wych) - 4mins 40secs - 50mins 50mins

Psycho 4 (Feat. Andrew Huff) - 52mins 50secs - 1hrs 28mins 45secs

Psycho The Remake (Feat. Ryan Lewis ) - 1hrs 29mins 50secs - 2hrs 10mins 5secs

Closing Out the Show- 2hrs 10mins 5secs - End

Closing Song - Shedding - No One

The grading follows the Netflix rating style of 1 = Hated It, 2 = Didn’t Like It, 3 = Liked It, 4 = Really Liked It & 5 = Loved It

Psycho 3:

Duncan: 4

The Wych: 3.5

Psycho 4:

Duncan: 3

Andrew: 2.5

Psycho The Remake:

Duncan: 0.5


A huge thanks to my guests The Wych, Andrew & Ryan!!


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