EP 18 Baz v Horror EP 5 Baz Gets Martyred (Feat. The Baz)

Welcome episode 18 of The Podcast Under The Stairs.

Join your host Duncan as he discusses all things horror.

As well as chatting about some horror news we also return with the latest episode of Baz v Horror!! On this episode The Baz takes on the New Wave of French Extremity!! After a public poll on the Facebook page he faced off against Pascal Laugier's Martyrs.

In this contest of Baz V Horror…Baz was the Winner!! This means the overall tally is Horror 2 - The Baz 3.

Baz v Horror EP 6 will see The Baz face off with Vampires...remember you control his film selection so don't wait around and get voting on our Facebook page.

Thanks to The Baz for coming on and chatting and remember you can follow The Baz as he tackles future challenges on his twitter feed HERE.

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