EP 17 An Eye For An Eye – Here Comes the Devil & Big Bad Wolves (Feat. Mark Ball, The Baz & Bossman Dave)

Welcome to episode 17 of The Podcast Under The Stairs.

Join your hosts Duncan as he discusses all things horror.

On episode 17 of The Podcast Under The Stairs Duncan is joined by Monster Mark Ball from The Midnight Horror Show to discuss Argentinian horror film Here Comes the Devil (2012). They are both then joined by The Baz & Bossman Dave Buchanan from Rock n Reel Reviews to chat about the Israeli dark comedy Big Bad Wolves (2013).

The grading follows the Netflix rating style of 1 = Hated It, 2 = Didn’t Like It, 3 = Liked It, 4 = Really Liked It & 5 = Loved It

Here Comes the Devil Spoiler Section Runs From 47.50min - 1hr 6mins

Here Comes the Devil Ratings:

Duncan & Mark - 5 Stars

Big Bad Wolves Spoiler Section Runs From 1hr 36mins 25sec - 2hrs 6mins

Big Bad Wolves Ratings:

Duncan & Mark - 4 Stars

Dave & The Baz - 3.5 Stars

A huge thanks to Monster Mark BallThe Baz & Bossman Dave for coming on the show and chatting.

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