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12 July 2017 - I Shudder To Think

Ola my sexy little blog-reading bitches!  It's the Baz here to pollute your eyes as well as your ears.

For my first blog post I've decided to focus on a subject close to my heart and regale you with a story from my weekend.  Settle down at the back, I am of course talking about video streaming services.  More specifically I'm talking about specialist horror streaming site Shudder.

I first became aware of Shudder a month or two after it launched in the UK courtesy of our glorious leader who I suspect was probably subscriber number 4 or such like.  I signed up shortly before we recorded our Baz v Rob Zombie show as most of the movies we were covering on the show were available on the site.

Now it has to be admitted that the UK version of Shudder does not have  a huge range of titles available (it is improving every month however) but those that are on it are generally of a high quality and unavailable on other platforms and their selection of short films is genuinely excellent.

My main complaint however was that it was not available via the Amazon Fire Stick which is one of the leading TV add-on devices in the UK at present.  To be frank I found the situation baffling.  I then found out fairly recently that you could add Shudder as a "Channel" to your Amazon Prime subscription allowing it to be accessed via the Fire Stick, so last Saturday I sat down to try and link my Shudder account to my Amazon account.  

Turns out "problematic" doesn't even begin to describe that process.  "Physically impossible" is in fact a better description as the only way of doing it is to cancel your original Shudder subscription and take out a new one via Amazon.

By the time I discovered this fact hidden way down in the FAQs page on Shudder I was utterly apoplectic and stormed off to bed muttering about money-grabbing corporate whores and the like.

It appears however that the Amazon's invasive home technologies must have been monitoring my rantings because the very next morning I awoke to an email from Shudder proudly proclaiming the a new Shudder app had been added to Amazon's app store which would allow existing Shudder customers to access the service via the Fire Stick.  Mere minutes later I had downloaded it, stuck in my login details and was happily watching a skinless man making sheet-ruiningly sticky love to his surprisingly ungrateful girlfriend.  

Panic over, disaster averted and no-one had to die.

If you've not checked out Shudder in the UK I would highly suggest you do so as it's getting better all the time and it's now available on just about every platform you could wish for.

See y'all when you're less dressed!