The Hosts

Formed in August 2013, The Podcast Under the Stairs is ultimately the vehicle for two drunk Scottish men who love to entertain, humiliate and make the other cringe, laugh & hopefully lose bowel control!!


More than 400 movies reviewed over 200 plus shows and hundreds of hours of recorded content, Duncan & The Baz are closing in on their 4th anniversary and to be honest, it feels like this is only the beginning.


The Baz refers to him as the "Ayatollah of Horrah" but you know him as the man behind the TPUTS podcast machine.

Duncan is a life long horror fan with a passion for all that the horror genre has to give with a particular love of Arthouse & Gialli cinema.

Since the very first episode he has brought his enthusiasm as not only host but the podcast producer pushing the TPUTS name and content to the next level, what that level is exactly we don't quite know, but where ever it goes he will be there at the front dragging you all kicking and screaming!!


Known affectionately all over the world by his rabid and ever expanding fan club as 'The Baz', Barry came to the genre about 40 years into his life on this planet. 

The Baz bring possibly one of the funniest takes on the horror genre as he battles the movies he missed growing up in the eternal competition that is Baz v Horror.

Don't let his former 'novice' status fool you though!! Now a rabid horror fan, his curveball knowledge will keep you on your toes before dropping the truth-bomb by telling you that your favourite child hood horror movie is, in fact, actually shite!!



THanks to Joshua kelly who designed our year three poster which makes up most of the artwork on this website!!

the image on the left was designed by him for our third year anniversary.

visit his website here.