EP 166 - END OF YEAR 2018 - TOP 20

Welcome to episode 166 of The Podcast Under the Stairs.


Join your host Duncan Under The Stairs discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.

Happy New Year to all our amazing listeners and friends across the world!!

Welcome to our official close of year 2018 show with the Top 20 horror movies as selected by host of the show, Duncan.

As a special slice of awesome, some of our amazing listeners submitted their top 5’s (and the unruly, a few more) pf 2018 as well.

Intro - 0 - 9mins 40secs

Interlude Song - Psycore - My Life - 10mins 45secs - 14mins 15secs

Listeners Top 5’s pt1 - 14mins 15secs - 25mins 30secs

Duncan’s Top 20 of 2018 No. 20-16 - 25mins 30secs - 51mins

Listeners top 5’s pt2 - 51mins 50secs - 1hrs 4mins 10secs

Duncan’s Top 20 of 2018 No. 15-11 - 1hr 4mins 45secs - 1hr 31mins 45secs

Interlude Song - SNOT - Stoopid - 1hr 31mins 45secs - 1hr 35mins 30secs

We Need to Talk About 2018 - 1hr 35mins 30secs - 1hrs 50mins 45secs

Listeners top 5’s pt3 - 1hr 51mins 10secs - 2hrs 4mins 45secs

Duncan’s Top 20 of 2018 No. 10-6 - 2hrs 4mins 45secs - 2hrs 29mins 50secs

Duncan’s Top 20 of 2018 No. 5–1 - 2hrs 30mins 50secs - 2hrs 56mins 30secs

Closing out the Show - 2hrs 56mins 30secs - End

Closing Song - Sevendust - Licking Cream

Duncan's Official Top 20 Horror Movies of 2018

  1. Mandy/Tigers Are Not Afraid (Tigers Are Not Afraid is my top film but will not be counted officially due to its lack of release in the UK)

  2. Hereditary

  3. Suspiria

  4. Ghost Stories

  5. Revenge

  6. The Endless

  7. Pyewacket/ Puppet Master the Littlest Reich ((Puppet Master is in my top 10 film but will not be counted officially due to its lack of release in the UK)

  8. Assassination Nation

  9. Possum

  10. Ravenous

  11. The House that Jack Built

  12. Incident in a Ghostland

  13. Cold Skin/The Shape of Water

  14. Unsane

  15. Terrified

  16. Apostle

  17. Mom & Dad

  18. Errementari: The Blacksmith & The Devil 

  19. Overlord

  20. Anna & The Apocalypse 

Huge thanks to the following listeners who submitted lists: Andrew Hoekstra, Will McMurchie, Jerry Cortes, Tim Walker, Andrew Valdez, Mat Miller, Gav Taylor, Rob Mullen, Abraham Ram, Matt Wood, Michael McCloskey, Derek Bourgeois, Jamie McAuley, David Garrett Jnr, Kate Pollock, Brett Sampson, Tony Case, George Cook, Matt Jones, Mark Lockhart & Liam Rafferty.

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