EP 156 - TPUTS SUMMER TOP 10 80's EDITION - 1988

Welcome to Episode 156 of the Podcast Under the Stairs.


Join your host Duncan Under The Stairs discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.

Summer has arrived at last Under the Stairs which means our 5th annual Top 10 series of shows has come to take you through those uncomfortably humid days with a hearty dose of horror!!

I am not one to be accused of short changing listeners or setting easy goals either which makes this years Top 10 series very special indeed!! Over the next 10 episodes in the series we will count down each year in the decade known as the 80's with the mission statement of creating the definitive Top 10 list of movies in the decade, but with a little TPUTS twist if you will. 

Noah's Ark rules will mean that each year will be represented in the creation of the list and will force myself and my guests to short list each year in the decade from 10 movies to 2!! That's right...only 2 movies from each year can go through which means that this list can/might & will be unlike any Top 10 list of 80's horror movies created on a podcast!!

On this episode my guests are Mark Ball & Ricky Morgan and we are looking at 10 movies from 1988 with mini reviews of Phantasm 2, Pumpkinhead, Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood, Slugs, Maniac Cop, Child’s Play, The Blob, Hellraiser 2, Black Roses, Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Intro – 0 - 4mins

Top 10 1988 - 4mins - 2hrs 12mins 50secs

Decision Time - 2hrs 13mins 15secs - 2hrs 37mins 10sec

Closing Out the Show- 2hrs 37mins 10sec - End

Closing Song - The Only Way Is Up - Yazz

The 2 movies picked as going forward to the final roundtable representing the year 1988 are Pumpkinhead & The Blob.

Join me for the finale on Monday with special guests Andy Blockey & Daeron Wilson to look at 1989 and the following movies:

  1. Pet Semetary
  2. The Burbs
  3. Society
  4. Shocker
  5. The Church
  6. Dead Calm
  7. Tetsuo, The Iron Man
  8. Santa Sangre
  9. I, Madman
  10. The Fly 2

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