Baz v Horror 22 (Baz v Creep)

Welcome to this Baz v Horror episode of The Podcast Under the Stairs.

Join your host Duncan Under The Stairs discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.

On this episode we officially start the second year of Baz's in Horror High as we return to Baz v Horror. Duncan and The Baz catch up with what's been going down since Baz v The Evil Dead before The Baz tackles a little found footage movie called Creep (2015). Throw into the mix the return of Baz's Basement, this episode is a great way to kick off this season of Baz v Horror. 

Intro  and Catch up with The Baz 0 - 51mins

Creep - 52mins 30secs - 1hrs 34mins 45secs - Baz was awarded a A+ for his review

Baz's Basement - 1 hrs 36mins - 1hrs 41mins 30secs

Closing out the Show - 1hrs 41mins 30secs - End

Closing Song - Powerman 5000 - Organizized

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Duncan McLeish