Baz vs The Evil Dead - End of Year Assessment

Welcome to this special Baz v Horror episode of The Podcast Under the Stairs.

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So we have arrived at the end of year assessment for The Baz's first full year at Horror High...and lets be honest, there is only one way we can close out his first year...Baz vs The Evil Dead.

Over the next 4+ hours, The Baz will be mentored by 4 powerhouses of genre podcasting in John Rhodes of Graveshift Radio & Drive-In Radio for The Evil Dead (1981), Bo Ransdell of Duncan & Bo Come CorrectThe Shadcast for Evil Dead 2 - Dead by Dawn (1987), Danny Trioxin of The Midnight Horror Show for  Army of Darkness (1992) & last but not least Andy Blockley of Doing the Nasty & Big Horror in Little Podcast for Evil Dead (2013).

For each movie, The Baz will be guided with an opening statement from his mentor, review the movie and then he, himself, will be graded for his review. It's all on the line for The Baz to see if he can graduate Year One of Horror High and move on to his second year...if he fails then his journey ends right here.

Intro  0 - 6mins 5secs

The Evil Dead (Mentor John Rhodes) –  6mins 5secs – 1hrs 11mins 30secs - Baz's Grade was a B

Evil Dead II (Mentor Bo Ransdell) - 1hrs 12mins 40secs - 2hrs 17mins 30secs - Baz's Grade was an A

Army of Darkness (Mentor Danny Trioxin) - 2 hrs 18mins 45secs - 3hrs 5mins 30secs - Baz's Grade was an A+

Evil Dead (Mentor Andy Blockley) - 3hrs 5mins 30secs - 4hrs 28mins 30secs - Baz's Grade was an A

Closing out the Show - 4hrs 28mins 30secs - End - Baz's overall Grade was an A

Closing Song - Strapping Young Lad - Love?

Now that The Baz's has passed his first year in Horror High with flying colours he will move on to Year Two. His first assignment will drop later this month so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Thanks to all my guests for coming on the show and remember to check out all their great work on all their great shows.

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Duncan McLeish