Welcome to this special Bonus Episode of The Podcast Under the Stairs.


Join your host Duncan Under The Stairs discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.

On this special bonus episode Duncan brings you a mix tape of some of his favourite tracks from horror movies in this very first MIX TAPE VOL.2

  1. Imagination - Belouis Some - Ghost Chase (aka Hollywood Monster)

  2. Love and Menace - Pino Donaggio - Body Double

  3. White of the Eye - Nick Mason & Rick Fenn - White of the Eye

  4. I Still Believe - Tim Cappello - The Lost Boys

  5. Love Theme - Mica Levi - Under the Skin 

  6. The Pink Room - Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

  7. Summer Breeze - Type O Negative - I Know What You Did Last Summer

  8. We've Only Just Begun - Carpenters - 1408

  9. Mind Warp - Lords of the New Church - Texas Chainsaw 2

  10. Soy Sauce - Brian Tyler - John Dies At The End

  11. Neon Demon - Cliff Martinez - The Neon Demon

  12. Midnight, the Stars and You - Ray Noble and His Orchestra - The Shining

  13. Your Witness - Seppuku Paradigm - Martyrs

  14. Fade to Black - Gordene Simpson - Prom Night

  15. Opening Credits - Jeff Grace - The House of the Devil

  16. Power of the Night - Johnny Steele (Terrance Mann) - Critters 

  17. Love Song for a Vampire - Annie Lennox - Bram Stoker’s Dracula


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