Welcome to this final episode of Baz v Horror.


Join your host Duncan Under The Stairs discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.

Well..not a lot I can say here at all..but I’ll give it my best shot!!

Over the last 5 years he has entertained us with not only his movie observations and analysis but his, often bizarre, childhood stories. He has gifted us with more characters, nicknames and oneliners that we will ever know and we will never use the greeting “Hola” with out thinking “Sexy Bitches”.

That’s right, he is leaving us…leaving me…after 5 years of The Podcast Under the Stairs, the Baz is closing out his tenure is very typical Baz style.

This episode feature a SPOILER REVIEW FOR SUSPIRIA (2018). Please check the time-coding in the show notes.

Song – My Way - The Sex Pistols - 0 - 4mins

Intro - 4mins - 42mins 45secs

Song - Lush - Ladykillers - 42mins 45secs - 46mins

Baz’s List Part 1 - 46mins - 1hrs 28mins 5secs

Song - Nancy Boy - Placebo - 1hrs 28mins 5secs - 1hrs 31mins 30secs  

Baz’s List Part 2 - 1hrs 31mins 30secs - 2hrs 33mins 45secs

Song - Diamonds in the Mud - Gerry Cinnamon - 2hrs 33mins 45secs - 2hrs 38mins 15secs  

SUSPIRIA 2018 (SPOILER REVIEW) - 2hrs 38mins 15secs - 3hrs 16mins 20secs

Closing Out the Show- 3hrs 16mins 20secs - End

Closing Song - Don’t You Forget About Me - Simple Minds

The grading follows the Netflix rating style of 1 = Hated It, 2 = Didn’t Like It, 3 = Liked It, 4 = Really Liked It & 5 = Loved It

SUSPIRIA (2018):

Duncan: 5

Baz: 4

Thank you to The Baz for not only his work on this episode, but for his tireless work on The Podcast Under the Stairs over the last 5 years.


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