Baz v Halloween 2015 EP5

Welcome to this ultimate of battles on The Podcast Under the Stairs..This is Baz v Halloween 2015 Episode 5.

Join your host Duncan live from THE VOID discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.

On this episode Duncan returns to the airways in his temporary home away from home (in THE VOID). This week sees the second episode of that most epic and violent October traditions…Baz v Halloween!! On season 2 of Baz v Halloween, The Baz seeks vengeance after his most humiliating defeat last year but Duncan hasn’t made it easy!! Over the next 5 weeks he will face off again Unsettling Cinema and Found Footage features picked to weaken his resolve and crush his will!! Who will be victorious?? On Episode 5 The Baz takes on Requiem for a Dream (2000) & Home Movie (2008).

Intro – 0 – 12mins 20secs

Requiem for a Dream – 12mins 20secs – 53mins 45secs

Home Movie – 53mins 45secs – 1hrs 41mins 30secs

Closing Out the Show – 1hrs 41mins 30secs – End

In this final round The Baz defeated both Requiem for a Dream & Home Movie. So the final score is The Baz – 7 & Halloween – 3.

A huge thanks to The Baz for coming on the show

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Duncan McLeish