EP 46 The Dead Ain't no Way to Make a Livin! (feat. Andy Stewart & Erik Brgstrm)

Welcome to episode 46 of The Podcast Under the Stairs.

Join your host Duncan live from THE VOID discussing all things Horror on The Podcast Under the Stairs.

On this episode Duncan returns to the airways in his temporary home away from home (in THE VOID). Duncan got the chance to chat to Andy Stewart, a multi award winning short movie director from Glasgow, Scotland about his new Indiegogo campaign for his new project REDACTED. Also this week he is joined by Erik Brgstrm of 100 Years of Horror, Sloppy Seconds & Giallo Ciao Ciao to discuss movies where the living are make a bit of change in the world of the dead with spoilerific reviews of The Frighteners (1996) & Suburban Gothic (2014).

Andy Stewart Interview - 8mins - 34mins 40secs

The Frighteners - 37mins 25secs - 1hrs 6mins

Baz’s Basement - 1hrs 7mins - 1hrs 15mins

Suburban Gothic - 1hrs 16mins 50secs - 1hrs 30mins 20secs

Suburban Gothic Spoilers - 1hrs 30mins 20secs - 1hrs 44mins 40secs

The Frighteners Rating:

Duncan: 4

Erik: 3.5

Suburban Gothic Rating:

Duncan: 3

Jamie: 2.5

Thanks to Andy Stewart for coming on the show and remember to go give all you can in support of his new project at his INDIEGOGO for REDACTED. You can also follow him on Twitter or the at the official Shining Example Film's Twitter.

A huge thanks to Erik Brgstrm for coming on the show and remember check out his podcast!!

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Duncan McLeish