EP 28 All Cheerleaders Die/Interview with Lucky McKee & Chris Sivertson (Feat. The Baz)

Welcome to episode 28 of The Podcast Under the Stairs.

On this Duncan and The Baz continue their watching of the new Showtime show Penny Dreadful with spoilerific reviews of EP 3 & 4. Duncan gets the chance to interview horror movie makers/directors Lucky McKee & Chris Sivertson about their new film All Cheerleaders Die (2013). After the interview Duncan & The Baz give a review on the movie.

Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 3 Spoilers - 32mins - 53mins

Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 4 Spoilers - 53mins - 1hrs 11mins

The grading follows the Netflix rating style of 1 = Hated It, 2 = Didn’t Like It, 3 = Liked It, 4 = Really Liked It & 5 = Loved It

All Cheerleaders Die Rating:

Duncan – 3 Stars

The Baz – 2 Stars

A huge thanks to Lucky McKee & Chris Sivertson for coming on the show.
As always, a huge thanks to The Baz.

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