EP 14 Top Ten of '13, What's Hot n Not in '14 & Tucker & Dale vs Evil (Feat. The Baz)

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of The Podcast Under The Stairs.

Join your hosts Duncan & Graeme discuss all things horror.

On episode 14 the guys discuss the big news in Horror and chat about their top 10 films of 2013. Also under discussion is a look at what the guys are most looking forward to watching in 2014 and some that they don't give a fuck about. Finally The Baz joins them to discuss the Horror Comedy Tucker & Dale vs Evil as an olive branch and apology for the trauma caused by the last Baz v Horror film The Poughkeepsie Tapes.

Spoiler Tag - Tucker & Dale vs Evil Review Contains Spoilers from 1hr 56mins - 2hrs 22mins

The grading follows the Netflix rating style of 1 = Hated It, 2 = Didn’t Like It, 3 = Liked It, 4 = Really Liked It & 5 = Loved It

Tucker & Dale vs Evil Ratings:

Duncan – 5 stars

The Baz – 5 stars

Duncan's Top 10 of 2013          Graeme's Top 10 of 2013

1) Maniac (2012)                        1) Curse of Chucky

2) The Battery                            2) Evil Dead

3) Kiss of the Damned               3) Maniac (2012)

4) Evil Dead                               4) You're Next

5) A Field in England                 5) Lords of Salem

6) Stoker                                   6) Warm Bodies

7) John Dies at the End            7) The Conjuring

8) Curse of Chucky                   8) The Battery

9) Berberian Sound Studio       9) Carrie (2013)

10) The Conjuring                    10) Haunter

Thanks to The Baz for coming on and chatting with us.

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