EP 10 The Best of British Horror Top 10 – Numbers 6 & 5 (Feat. Jamie Jenkins & The Baz)

Welcome to the tenth episode of The Podcast Under The Stairs.

Join your hosts Duncan & Graeme discuss all things horror.

On episode 10 the guys discuss the big news in Horror and continue their Best of British Horror Top 10. This episode contains numbers 6 & 5. The guys are joined by Jamie Jenkins of Devour the PodcastThe Skeleton CrewEvil Episodes and Lycan It to the review the films.

Also joining them is The Baz of Rock n Reel Reviews for Baz V Horror EP 2 in which our horror Noob Baz will face his fears and watch some of the scariest films about, then report back to the guys and let them know who won…The Baz or Horror.

On episode 2 The Baz squares off against 2001's paranoia soaked creeper Session 9.

In this contest of Baz V Horror…Baz was the Winner!!

Thanks to Jamie Jenkins for helping with the reviews and a massive thanks to Baz for coming on and chatting with us and you can follow his twitter feed HERE.

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