Chronicle S01E03 - Black Sunday (1960)

Welcome back to another episode of Chronicle Podcast (An Almanac of Old World Horrors), this is season 1 episode 3.

This is a podcast dedicated to discussing European Horror Cinema only and is the brainchild of podcaster Duncan McLeish (The Podcast Under the Stairs). Each season will run for 6 episodes and drop every two weeks with season 1 looking exclusively at European Horror Cinema through its Vampires. 

With an emphasis on giving you an insight into some of the weird and wonderful stories behind the movies, we continues our journey with Black Sunday (1960). Italy came out the second World War after a length period of facist rule in which horror movies were prohibited. Within 20 years of the end of the war a reluctant director making his debut feature would change the landscape of Italian cinema and birth almost 30 years of Italian horror dominance in Europe.

Chronicle Podcast was researched, written, recorded and produced by me for you!!

Join me next time to look at Count Dracula (1970).

Duncan McLeish