Chronicle S01E01 - Nosferatu (1922)

Welcome to the debut of a brand new podcast, this is season 1 episode 1 of Chronicle Podcast (An Almanac of Old World Horrors).

This is a podcast dedicated to discussing European Horror Cinema only and is the brainchild of podcaster Duncan McLeish (The Podcast Under the Stairs). Each season will run for 6 episodes and drop every two weeks with season 1 looking exclusively at European Horror Cinema through its Vampires.

With an emphasis on giving you an insight into some of the weird and wonderful stories behind the movies, we start our journey with Nosferatu (1922). This movie almost disappeared from the annals of time…but why and how did it survive?

Chronicle Podcast was researched, written, records and produced by me for you!!

Join me next time to look at Vampyr (1932).

Thanks to Von Hertzog for the Chronicle Podcast theme song and check out his work

Sources used on this episode:…1922_article.shtml…horror-story/

Copy of Nosferatu watched for the show was Eureka Bluray of

Music used for this episode:
Tastynetwork – Vulpey-mango-pop-2

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