27 July 2017 - Week 2 of the Summer Top 10 2017

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Well we are now offically into Summer TPUTS Top 10 season and the first episode dropped on Monday 25th July. It was a show that delivered some expected and unexpected outcomes!!

Moving forward representing the year 1970 will be Dario Argento's debut movie The Bird With The Crystal Plummage & Bob Kelljan modern era vampire movie Count Yorga: Vampire.

Now lets cast our eyes on the next year, 1971!! 

Each week on the Blog Under the Stairs I will post the Top 10 movies that will be cover on the following weeks show. This will give you a chance to play along with the hosts and whittle down he movies and, using the TPUTS Noah's Ark rules, pick what you think the top 2 movies are from each year.

Let us see if you agree with me and my guests each week until we make our way to the decadent roundtable at the end of the series!!

Week 2 is 1971 and the 10 movies that will be discussed on the next episode of TPUTS are:

Bay of Blood
The Abominable Dr. Phibes
The Devils
Daughters of Darkness
Short Night of the Glass Doll
Let's Scare Jessica to Death
The House the Dripped Blood
Twins of Evil
Cat o Nine Tails

Episode 2 of the Top 10 drops on Monday 31 July 2017 and will feature special guest host Bo Ransdell of Duncan & Bo Come Correct, Hero Hero Ghost Show, The Shadcast & Horror Hangover.

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This entry of the Blog Under the Stairs was written while listening to Cult of Luna and their Post Metal masterclass in texture Mute Departure.

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