31 Days of Halloween 2017

Welcome to the Blog Under the Stairs!!


So summer is over...Our summer TPUTS Top 10 series is now officially done, dusted and committed to the podcast archives which means Autumn is now with us and the return of Duncan's 31 of Halloween!!

Every year, along with so many other Horror fans, I tackle the 31 of Halloween challenge watching a horror movie each day in October (this isn't much of a feat for me as I watch on average one horror movie a night anyway)...my twist is that I only watch horror movies that were released in the UK in the year of the challenge...so only horror movies from 2017!!

I was asked by some listeners this year if I would publish my list ahead of time so hence this blog post!!

So here we go!!


So play along if you like and I will be posting some weekly roundups and some mini reviews as the month goes on!!

This entry of the Blog Under the Stairs was written while listening to the cool grooves of Childish Gambino and his single Redbone.

Until the next post, wherever you are, whatever the timezone is and whatever you're up to, please take care of yourselves....This is Duncan McLeish typing from Under the Stairs...Signing Off.